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Escape the redesign treadmill

Building a website that meets your objectives can be expensive, and getting people to visit it can be even more costly. But vanishingly few websites perform as well as they could when it comes to turning those visitors into customers. The reason is simple: getting your website right first time is really hard. So hard, in fact, that it doesn't happen.

Enter Optimize Monthly. Each month we'll investigate part of your website, conducting rigorous tests to find the biggest wins. We'll try a new approach to turning visitors into customers: whether that's creating a whole new landing page, rearranging an existing page or tweaking some copy. By the time the next month rolls around, we'll have enough data to see how the new idea has worked. And we'll move onto the next part of your site.

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How it works


Set up

First, we send you a questionnaire about what you're trying to achieve with your website. Plan to spend 30 minutes completing it. Then we'll set up a phone or Skype chat to get an even better understanding of your business, your objectives and your current challenges. Everything here is confidential and protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.



Next, we'll design a new experiment to learn something about how to convert your visitors into customers. One month it could be some different copy in your 'calls to action'. Another month it might be a whole new landing page. Or perhaps rearranging a product page. You'll sign off all of our work before it goes live. We can work with your in-house team, or make the changes ourselves: it's all included.



The next month, we will analyse the results of the experiment and produce a short, easily understood report with our advice on which changes to make permanently. With your approval, we can then update your site. Your time won't be wasted, but you'll be in full control. We then return to step 2, designing the next experiment which we'll report on the following month.

‘Getting things right first time is really hard.’

The redesign treadmill.

Optimize Monthly was born of a frustration we had with the situation new clients came to us with. As their business developed, their website had been left behind. They were happy with it when it launched, but the sheen faded, their company changed and the site was no longer working as hard as it should.

Several years later, once the frustration gets too much, they go for a complete overhaul. While this often fixes the old problems, it can easily introduce new ones. Getting it right first time is really hard.

We call this the redesign treadmill.

Redesigns are expensive. But the bigger cost is hidden in the time that you put up with an underperforming website. All the effort and money spent sending visitors to it, only for it to fail to convert them into customers.

‘Revising your site month in, month out makes sure it is pulling its weight.’

A better way: iteration.

Revising your site month in and month out will do more than just help keep it fresh.

It's the most reliable, cost effective way there is to make sure your site is pulling its weight. You can be confident that all the time and money you put into getting people to visit it is worthwhile, because once they get there, they're more likely to take action. Once you can prove how effective it is, you can make more informed decisions about investing in reaching new potential customers.

More than that: when you do come to make bigger changes, you'll know what's already working optimally and which areas are good candidates for further development. You are also very likely to spend less on your next website overhaul—or even skip it completely—because you've eliminated the frustration which keeps the redesign treadmill going.

Not only will Optimize Monthly work to bring you more customers month in, month out, it will also save you money on your long-term website development.

The deal.

No set up costs: they are on us.

Included: top-notch website testing software worth $49/month.

Pay monthly, with no long-term contract.

Cancel whenever you like, with no notice period.

We think you'll start to see value after the first month, and by three months in you should be seeing great results. You can lock in the value at any time by buying an annual plan, which gets you one month of service each year free.

Optimize Monthly comes with a 100% money back guarantee. We're confident it will produce much more value than it costs you, so if at any time you don't feel that it's working for you we'll refund any payment made in the last month.

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